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Easily Create FULL-SCALE Drawings Right on Your Driveway or Playground!

Price: $16.95

Actual Size Science lesson plans and activity book with blueprints to help children create full-scale sidewalk chalk drawings outside.

A Great Way to Teach Science!

Simple directions and detailed blueprints make it easy to create lessons your students will never forget! By creating full-scale drawings, kids can see how big Sputnik really was and the International Space Station truly is. You can talk about dinosaurs—or help draw a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex! Imagine the impact when kids arrive at school to find a life-sized blue whale drawn on the playground. Actual Size—Science also makes it easy to create smaller scale models of natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and technological achievements like the world’s tallest dam. Guaranteed to wow kids (and adults!) with unforgettable images and lessons.

Grades PreK-6

36 Complete Lesson Plans

36 Detailed Blueprints

Companion book to Actual Size Social Studies

Science lesson plan and blueprint of bison American buffalo

Actual Size SCIENCE

Dinosaurs • Blue Whale • Giant Squid • Sharks • Polar Bear • Bison (American Buffalo) • Elephant • Condor • Tallest Tree • Giant Kelp • Termite Mound • Biggest Snakes • Biggest Spider • The Grand Canyon • Great Barrier Reef • Meteor Crater • Mount Everest • The Matterhorn • Uluru (Ayers Rock) • Victoria Falls • Deepest Water • Amazon River • Clouds • Eye of a Hurricane • Solar System • First Aircraft • First Computer • Sputnik • Mercury Capsule • International Space Station • Hubble Space Telescope • Large Hadron Collider • Tallest Dam • Deepwater Drilling • Longest Train • Largest Truck

This is super fun way to help your kids see the real size of things in comparison to themselves for objects that we would be unlikely to see in real life.

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Actual Size—SCIENCE includes detailed blueprints and lesson plans for the following: