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Easily Create FULL-SCALE Drawings Right on Your Driveway or Playground!

Price: $16.95

Actual Size Social Studies lesson plans and activity book with blueprints to help children create full-scale sidewalk chalk drawings outside.

A Great Way to Teach Social Studies!

Simple directions and detailed blueprints make it easy to create lessons your students will never forget! By creating full-scale drawings, you can discuss Columbus’s voyages while students stroll a full-scale drawing of the Santa Maria’s deck! Students can read about the Oregon Trail—while sitting in an exact scale model of a prairie schooner!

Imagine the impact when kids arrive at school to find a life-sized Roman road stretching across the playground. Or how pioneer life comes alive when they see how big a log cabin really was and the Great Wall of China really is. Actual Size—Social Studies also makes it easy to create smaller scale models of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Categories include the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, The Old World, Native America, U.S. History, Historic Transportation, Warfare, and American Landmarks. Guaranteed to wow kids (and adults!) with unforgettable images and lessons.

Grades PreK-6

36 Complete Lesson Plans

36 Detailed Blueprints

Companion book to Actual Size Science

Social studies lesson plan and blueprint of the statue of Zeus at Olympia


Lighthouse of Alexandria • Colossus of Rhodes • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus • Statue of Zeus at Olympia • Temple of Artemis at Ephesus • Hanging Gardens of Babylon • Great Pyramid of Giza •  Stonehenge • Parthenon • Roman Roads • Roman Colosseum • Great Wall of China • Viking Ship • Medieval Castle • Native American Boats • Moai (Easter Island Statue) • Inuit Igloo •Iroquois Longhouse • Sioux Tipi • Log Cabin • Conestoga Wagon • Prairie Schooner • Slave Cabin • One-Room Schoolhouse • The Santa Maria • The Mayflower • The ClermontLocomotives, Then and Now • Wright Flyer • Range of Weapons • World War I Trenches • Modern Tanks • The Alamo • Statue of Liberty’s Torch • Oval Office • Mount Rushmore

Actual Size—SOCIAL STUDIES includes detailed blueprints and lesson plans for the following:

We all talk about needing to bring history to life for our kids, but what if they could actually step inside...?

—Susanne Powell, SOS Supply