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50 Authentic Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of American History!

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Cooking Up Some American History Cookbook Front Book Cover

A Great Way to Teach American History!

Want to know what George Washington’s favorite breakfast was? Or what wealthy Spanish colonists ate for a treat? The answers and actual recipes are right here!

Recipes included are based on authenticity and ease of preparation.

You will find it surprisingly simple to provide your students with authentic Native American fare like toasted pumpkin seeds. Or Journey Potatoes like those served on the Oregon Trail. Or even Meatless Meatloaf that fed Americans during the lean years of the Great Depression.

Grades PreK-6

50 complete, kid-friendly recipes

Thorough instructions on food preparation, cooking, and kitchen safety

Historical contexts and classroom connections

Companion cookbook to Cooking Up Some World History

Part of the Cooking Up Some History Series

Historical recipe of banaha and succotash from American history cookbook

Cooking Up Some American History

Native American Foods • Spanish Colonial Fare • English Colonial Dishes • Foods of the Revolutionary War • Dining in Young America • Staying Fed on the Frontier • Foods Out of Africa • Soldier’s Mess: The Civil War • Foods of the Gilded Age and the Industrial Revolution • Dishes of World War I • Surviving the Great Depression • Foods of World War II • American Fare: the 1950s • Popular Dishes of the 1960s • Recipes of the 1970s • Some Current Treats

Cooking Up Some American History includes recipes for each of the following periods in American history:

Sample recipes from Cooking Up Some American History. Each recipe will fit on a 4” x 6” recipe card.