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50 Authentic Easy-to-Make Recipes from All Periods of World History!

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Cooking Up Some World History Cookbook Front Book Cover

A Great Way to Teach World History!

Want to share with students an authentic dish from Ancient Egypt? The recipe for tameya (broad bean patties) is right here. Studying the Inca? Here is their actual recipe for potato salad! From the Fertile Crescent to the court of King Louis XIV, this unique cookbook provides authentic recipes that bring history to life. After all, learning about Ancient Rome is a lot more palatable when students are nibbling on some authentic Pear Patina!

Recipes are included based on authenticity and ease of preparation. You will find it surpringly simple to provide your students with authentic bread from Ancient Sumer or historically accurate frutours (fried apple slices) from the Middle Ages.

Grades PreK-6

50 complete, kid-friendly recipes

Thorough instructions on food preparation, cooking, and kitchen safety

Historical contexts and classroom connections

Companion cookbook to Cooking Up Some American History

Part of the Cooking Up Some History Series

Historical recipe of onion pie and apple and barley bread from World history cookbook

Cooking Up Some World History

Early Civilizations • Ancient India • Ancient China • Classical Greece • Ancient Rome •Maya • Aztec • Inca • Middle Ages • The Muslim World • Renaissance • The Age of Exploration •
  Kings and Tsars • Industrial Revolution • Nineteenth Century • Communist World • World Wars I & II; Great Depression • The Modern World

Cooking Up Some World History includes recipes for each of the following periods in World history:

Sample recipes from Cooking Up Some World History. Each recipe will fit on a 4” x 6” recipe card.