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Everything you need to teach the oceans in one handy resource.

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Oceans posters and activity sheets Front Book Cover

A Great Way to Teach the Oceans!

13 colorful posters make it easy to create an engaging bulletin-board display. 6 activity sheets complement the bulletin board and focus students on essential knowledge. Posters include accurate maps, essential facts, and a fun “Did You Know?” feature. Activity sheets emphasize student understanding of the shapes, sizes, location, and basic facts about the oceans. A wonderful addition to any elementary classroom.

Grades 1 and up

5 Colorful Map Posters

8 Engaging Fact Posters

6 Fun Activity Sheets

Part of the Bulletin Board in a Book Series

Oceans: A Bulletin Board in a Book

Activity Sheets

The Oceans

Pacific Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Indian Ocean

Southern Ocean

Arctic Ocean



Ocean Facts

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean Map

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean Map

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean Map

Southern Ocean

Southern Ocean Map

Arctic Ocean

Arctic Ocean Map

Remember the Oceans!

The Oceans Bulletin Board in a Book includes:

Pacific ocean poster
Pacific ocean poster and map